Best Songs About Poker

“High above, dancing with the devil.” “Behind every tree, there is something worth seeing. This river is wider than a mile.” “I love you because your draw is wild, girl, like A cute double gun is just as good.” Sound familiar? If not, you are ready for a quick lesson on the best poker songs in music history! In our opinion, this is an authoritative list of poker songs and a good starting point for further research on artists who use poker terms. Express feelings, your fears, passions and even certain health issues. From delta blues to pure American country, from rock songs to pop songs, we present you the best poker songs ever! Absolutely great and timeless poker songs You have a high chance of hearing these two classic poker songs. If not, what did you do in college? For the right measure, we will start with the headgear, which will let you move your body in ways you don’t know, while the second one sets a more melancholic tone, perfect for rainy days. You start to vigorously! These guys know how to make things better! The number one on our list of the best poker songs is certainly one of the most successful heavy metal bands, Motorhead. From the moment the heavy bass is played, until the end of the roar of less than three minutes in 1980, you will be excited. An air guitar is playing in the house, and the dirty twist pierces your ears. You may not hear the complete lyrics the first time you listen, but you will soon find that they are full of gambling-related verses, such as “raise bets” or “double or abstain, double bets or split”. The lyrics even mention “dead man’s hand”, which of course means a pair of black A and 8. Top Poker Songs For professional ขอนแก่นลิงค์ gamblers, the verse “won something, lose something, it’s all the same”. To me “This may seem a little carefree, but we challenge anyone not to move their feet while playing this song. Expectation-The Eagles This is a difficult transition, but please be patient: put it on Headphones and turn the volume down a bit. There is no ultimate experience. Co-authored by Don Henley and Glenn Frey, the kings of rock and ballads, this Eagles track is full of poker references and certainly qualifies as one of the greatest poker songs of all time. The song may be misleading, but the Eagles do not refer to the runaway robbers: on the contrary, the protagonist regards loneliness as a prison and is afraid of dying alone. For the Eagles, the entire life journey boils down to the fate of a tie: “Don’t draw diamonds Queen, boy, if she can, she will beat you” or “The Queen of Hearts is always your best bet. “This song was released as the title song of the Eagles’ second album in 1973. Although it was never released as a single, it quickly became a fan favorite. The diamond-like darkness in the rough and the gritty poker song Lower the volume slightly. We recommend listening to the next three poker songs in our collection separately and wearing headphones. Dark and gritty, but still full of emotion and lush core, the majestic vocal performance will make your spine tremble. Hack’s tune-Bob Dylan is a poker table for poker players and professional players who are willing to give up everything to get a place, so you may be familiar with this track. Although Dylan specifically mentioned the plot and characters of the movie, without context, Huck’s tune is still a lush, dreamlike tune, and you will immediately fall in love with it. Proving that he still has a few trump cards in the 21st century, Dylan sings of giving up love to pursue an impossible dream. And he did a very good job. Anyone can easily associate his lyrics with lyrics like “From head to toe, you made me dead”. If the film did not fail completely, Dylan’s best love song of the 2000s could easily win him a second Oscar. But even without winning the Oscar, Huck’s tune is still one of the best poker songs, composed by Bud himself. Stranger Song-Released by Leonard Cohen in 1967, inspired by the 1955 movie “The Man with the Golden Arms”, Leonard Cohen It`s The Stranger Song is still one of the best songs in the poker world, despite it The lyrics are much more than this latest card game. Instead of chasing the vague and elusive dream of a perfect woman. Leonard called them the “dealers” because they dealt with randomly combined cards and “watch the tall and wild card closely. You never need to deal another card.” Tired of seeing her in her life The other man raised his hand as if he was “abandoning the sacred game of poker.” The woman gave up looking for another boy, hoping it would be different this time. The deep lyrics and Cohen’s unforgettable bass make this song one of the best songs about poker and one of the best songs about unrequited love. On The Nickel-Tom Waits For the first time, the lyrics of Tom Waits’ On The Nickel may sound surprising to ordinary poker players. When Waits said he knew “a place where a royal flush can never beat a pair”, he was not referring to a strange variant of poker. On the contrary, it tells a place where all the rules have long been forgotten and only the fittest survive. That place is 5th Street in Los Angeles. At the time of the recording of this song, it was the home of the oppressed. Here, Waits has done a great job of meta-references, because poker players can learn about Fifth Street like a river in various poker changes, as you can learn from our poker guide. ,

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